Pregnancy and you blog

Emotions tend to run rampant during pregnancy.

I will never forget a 12-hour road trip I took with friends when I was a few months pregnant. Three hours from home I suddenly knew that I would pull out every strand of hair from my head and from those around me if I spent one more second in that car. Looking out for their safety, my travel mates reluctantly agreed to get a hotel room. I was so relieved that I wavered between crying and laughing for the next hour. It was terribly embarrassing and I still can’t explain it — except to say that I was pregnant.

Recently, I have been reminded of the emotions some pregnant women experience but don’t often share or hear about in routine pregnancy talk. For example, the guilt one woman feels after she crumples to the floor with a positive pregnancy test. With three healthy children in tow, she cries on and off for days because this was not in her plan. Another woman, pregnant with her second baby, stares down at her rosy-cheeked first born. She can’t imagine how she will ever be able to love another child as much as this one.

Having a wide range of emotions during pregnancy, including negative ones, is normal. Although we can’t control what pops into our heads, we can take charge of how we interpret and manage these feelings. If you find that irrational thoughts are all-consuming, seek help.

By talking about these feelings we can help each other realize we’re not alone. Did you cry every time you saw a certain commercial during pregnancy? Or develop a newfound road rage? What emotions surprised you during pregnancy?

July 02, 2015